Pedaling Through Vermont: Discovering the Soul of the Green Mountain State

Vermont is a state that whispers to your soul. Its backroads are not just paths through the countryside but journeys into different facets of yourself, revealing new corners of your personality and offering fresh ways of being. Here’s a guide to some of the best bicycle routes in Vermont—each one an invitation to explore both land and spirit.

1. The Notch Road - Smugglers' Notch (Route 108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464)

Smugglers’ Notch isn’t merely a road; it’s an experience carved out by glaciers eons ago. This serpentine route winds its way between Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, with sheer cliffs rising on either side like ancient sentinels guarding secrets from another time. As you pedal through this narrow pass, imagine Ethan Allen's Green Mountain Boys using these very trails for their revolutionary escapades.

The air here feels charged with history and natural grandeur—a perfect backdrop for contemplating Robert Frost's poetry about New England life or perhaps musing over Thoreau’s reflections on nature.

2. Kelly Stand Road (Arlington-Stratton Rd., Arlington, VT 05250)

Kelly Stand Road offers a journey into Vermont's wild heartland where civilization seems like a distant memory. This gravel path meanders through lush forests and alongside bubbling brooks before opening up to panoramic views at Stratton Pond.

This area was once frequented by Herman Melville who found inspiration in its rugged beauty while penning "Moby Dick." As you ride along this secluded trail, let your thoughts drift towards Melville’s meditations on human struggle against nature’s vastness—an apt metaphor for any cyclist tackling challenging terrain.

3. Peacham Loop (Peacham Village Center Rd., Peacham, VT 05862)

Peacham Loop takes you around one of Vermont's most picturesque villages—a place so charming it could be plucked straight from Norman Rockwell painting or even serve as setting for Sinclair Lewis novel about small-town America life during simpler times gone by!

Cycling past white clapboard houses framed by autumn foliage feels almost cinematic—as if stepping onto set where every turn reveals another postcard-perfect scene waiting capture imagination forevermore...

4 . Lincoln Gap Road (Lincoln Gap Rd., Warren/Lincoln ,VT05674 )

Lincoln Gap boasts steepest paved mile east Mississippi River making ascent both physically demanding spiritually rewarding! At summit awaits breathtaking view Mad River Valley below which will leave breathless more ways than one...

Reflect upon John Irving novels often set amidst similar landscapes filled quirky characters navigating complexities rural existence... Or ponder how such vistas might inspire next great American novel within oneself?

5 . Kingdom Trails Burke Area( Darling Hill Rd East Burke Vt05832 )

Kingdom Trails network renowned among mountain biking enthusiasts worldwide due extensive well-maintained singletrack weaving throughout Northeast Kingdom region encompassing towns Lyndonville East Burke beyond...

Here find blend adrenaline-pumping descents tranquil forested climbs all under canopy vibrant fall colors reminiscent classic New England imagery evoked works Louisa May Alcott others chronicling idyllic yet resilient spirit Vermonters themselves embody daily basis

In conclusion each these routes offers unique glimpse into multifaceted character quintessentially Vermonter landscape culture history alike whether seeking physical challenge peaceful retreat creative spark somewhere midst rolling hills verdant valleys winding rivers lies answer awaiting discovery only those willing venture off beaten path embrace unknown wholeheartedly

So saddle up dear reader embark upon adventure promises reveal much about world around us ourselves too after all sometimes best way truly understand something simply get lost within it first place

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Route 108
Jeffersonville, VT 05464
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Arlington-stratton Rd.
Arlington, VT 05250
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Peacham Village Center Rd.
Peacham, VT 05862
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Lincoln Gap Rd. Warren/lincoln
United States

Darling Hill Rd
East Burke, VT
United States


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