Discover the Dynamic and Diverse Outdoors of Lansing, MI

When it comes to exploring the outdoors in Lansing, youll discover more than just natural beauty youll also experience the vibrant culture and diversity of this friendly city. Lansing is home to a variety of parks that offer opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, kayaking, and much more.

One unique spot to explore is Hawk Island Park (1601 E Cavanaugh Rd, Lansing), which features an artificial beach perfect for swimming or soaking up the sun. The park also offers fishing on its various lakes and ponds and even has a dog park for your furry friends.

If youre looking for something a little more extensive, head over to Fenner Nature Center (2020 E Mount Hope Ave, Lansing). This center includes over 130 acres of woods and wetlands where visitors can hike along various trails that lead through diverse habitats ranging from meadows to forests. Keep an eye out for some rare plants such as red trilliums or wildlife like barred owls.

Another muststop location is Potter Park Zoo (1301 S Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing), featuring nearly 500 animals across over 20 acres. Visitors can check out popular exhibits such as Bertschi African Savanna with zebras or lions roaming around while surrounded by dominant grasses; Sertoma Butterfly House, indoors tropical environment with exotic butterflies flying around; or wade through waterways with sharks at Sharknado Discovery Reef.

For those who love history alongside their nature walks visit Grand River Park & Trail System (670 N Canal Rd., Dimondale) , situated between two parallel rivers that flow into Michigans largest riverGrand River ecosystem(. There are multiple access points connecting six different regional parks within this trail system making it easy for hikers/bikers/kayakers/canoeists/anglers/picnickers/boaters etc., to enjoy the 12milelong trail that encompasses a variety of diverse ecosystems, including lowland floodplains and upland oakhickory forests.

Lansing has much to offer travelers looking for an outdoor adventure coupled with cultural experiences. Come explore and immerse yourself in this dynamic and resilient city!

Scientific Fact: Lansing is located on the Grand River which flows through Michigans largest ecosystem.

Natural Fact:

Hawks are frequently seen soaring over Hawk Island Park.

Fenner Nature Center features rare wildflowers such as red trilliums.

Potter Park Zoo includes exhibits like Discovery Reef which offers sharks swimming within its waterways.

The Grand River Trail System traverses different types of ecosystems from lowland floodplains to upland oakhickory forests.



1601 E Cavanaugh Rd
Lansing, MI
United States

2020 E Mount Hope Ave
Lansing, MI
United States

1301 S Pennsylvania Ave.
Lansing, MI
United States

670 N Canal Rd.
Dimondale, MI
United States